It's a real state investment company, is a joint stock company established in accordance with the law and legislations in force in Libya on the date 11-01-2009 and registered in economy registration institution No.09582 with a capacity of 10 million Libyan dinar, the headquarter of the company is located in Misurat plus we have a branch of the a company an office in tripoly.
The main focus of the company is the field work in general construction and estate investment such as performing civil buildings, construction and estate construction in addition, the company has the ability of providing different productive unites such as (land breakers, concrete, cement, brick and steel rolling), also the company owns a group of stores and storages areas in several places in Misurata.
The company aims to initiate branches in all Libyan cities, so to train a number of national staff in all specializations in construction field even abroad.